Why do Americans have so many guns?

In America, there is a weapon for every inhabitant, not because all people are armed, but because some people have an arsenal of weaponry and have many guns. Some statistical data suggests that 30% of adults own weapons, another 11% of adults do not have weapons but live with someone who does. 37% have between 2 – 4 weapons and all of them different caliber while a massive 29% have more than 5 Guns in their possession. If we talk about sex and race the passion is greater among men than among women. In addition, the possession of weapons is highest among white population – 36%, black people 24% and Hispanics 15%.

But what is the main reason for arming?

There may be multiple reasons why do Americans have so many guns. It’s well known that 67% buy it for protection, and the remaining 33% buy them for hunting, recreational shooting, collection and work. Although the number is slightly skewed as even a top air rifle can be considered a gun and many people have them.

It is believed that those who possess them for protection is due to paranoia or fear of being attacked or harmed and without having to defend themselves and their family. This may be because, on the one hand, the North country has been participating for more than 60 years in different wars, Second World War, Vietnam, and recently, Iraq among others. Another reason for this fear is that others are armed much better now so they think they need to defended themselves in some way. Since the events of September 11, 2001, the fear of a terrorist attack is increased, so these are main reasons why do Americans have so many guns.

Arming synonymous with freedom

If you ask yourself – why do Americans have so many guns, you should know that a large part of the Americans associate the weapons with the freedom because they allowed the independence of the United Kingdom. If they had not been armed they would have been almost completely unprotected. The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to be armed, in addition to the Constitution of 44 states. You will even seen patriotic Americans wearing new tactical pants to show their pride.

Finally, another reason why do Americans have so many guns is a large number of shops where people can purchase a weapon in a legal way. You only wait at most 7 days for delivery once a background check has been reviewed from the FBI, also a psych evaluation is not required for buying a weapon.

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