Smart Phone Camera Reviews

In this world of technology, smartphones have taken over and it is hard to find a person who lacks a smartphone. One outstanding feature about these smartphones is the camera which has replaced the analog cameras. For memory purposes these days, you only need to pose and take a selfie anywhere and you can upload it to the cloud. Having said that, there are companies which are stealing the show by manufacturing phones which have out of this world cameras. I mean, these phones are competing with canon to give the best shots. For our smartphone camera review, let us look at the phones which take wonderful shots.

The iPhone X Camera Phone

Apple has always been in the spotlight for producing camera phones around the world. This is in addition to being a phone of class with excellent performance. iPhone X is the latest invention of apple and it has come with a lot to offer when it comes to taking snaps. As usual, Apple phones come with two rear lenses which enable you to shoot clear photos even when you are zooming. You can also add light or blur to your photos after taking them.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Phone

It is not necessarily a camera phone, but it takes a sensational picture for you. As usual, this smartphone camera review cannot fail to notice the latest Samsung invention. This Samsung has boasted of being able to take photos even in low light settings; very convenient for party goers don’t you think? With an S9, you can take photos even in blurred environments thanks to the additional pair of lenses it possesses.

The Google Pixel Camera Phone (2 XL)

The pixel has overwhelmed the world by the great picture it takes. It emerged the winner after comparisons to its competitor iPhone X which also takes great pictures. The determining point was taking a picture in low lighted places and self-portraits. It has two rear lenses (but are lone) and one selfie lens which has the same effects as the rear lens. You selfies will also look great like normal photos. Another feature is a visual core which aims at processing better HDR+ photos for better images.

The LG V30 Camera Phone

No smartphone camera review is complete without this LG product. The V30 has been praised for shooting wonderful videos thanks to the cine effects. They have also introduced a new format of saving videos, the cine log format. For landscape capture, the LG has set rear dual cameras to provide a wide range of view; amazing isn’t it!


The bottom-line here is that four main companies are competing for the top position. Apple and Google are winning but other companies like Samsung don’t want to be left behind. A company which has not been mentioned above is Sony. The latest Xperia could not beat the four mentioned above in the smartphone camera reviews.

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