Car Camera Review

What is a car camera? Also known as a dashcam, a car camera is installed on the windscreen or the back screen of a car to record an event. There is so much that happens, and people provide videos, and you are left asking, why do they always have videos? Well, they are not angels to always be there when something happens. Sometimes a car camera records an unexpected event and the owner comes to realize later. Having a car camera has many advantages. Here, we will do a car camera review and list four best car cameras around.

A Pruveeo Designed Dashcam

Pruveeo has discretion on their mind when they built this camera. This F5 model is designed to blend with the car but give clear videos of events. It comes with a WIFI feature and has been able to gather a rating of 4.5 from almost a thousand reviews. Due to the discretion feature, I think the Pruveeo F5 would work to monitor your car when you are not around. Especially in the parking lot.

A Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera

One interesting fact about the Rexing V1 is the number of customer reviews it has received on Amazon. I mean, 6000+ reviews and an average of 4.5 rating is something, don’t you agree? It is one of the best-selling cameras is Amazon. The reason for this is the picture quality of 1080 pixels and a wide angle view of almost 180o. The price is relatively fair. For a good driving experience, this dashcam would work for you.

A Vantrue Dual Dash Car Camera

From 700 customer reviews, this Vantrue product has gained an average rating of 715. The picture quality offered is amazing not to mention the 310 degrees angle of view this dual cam offers. The Vanture will capture events outside the car (170 degrees) and inside the car (140 degrees) making a total of 310. An additional feature is the night vision the camera has. The price is relatively high compared to the first two.

A Z-Edge S3 Car Camera

Out of 417 reviews, the Z-edge camera has been able to get an average rating of 4.5. unlike most of the car cameras mentioned above, this one comes with a 16GB SD card and can be placed to view both the front and back of the vehicle. One thing the company boasts of is precise recording feature which means everything captured is clear. I would advise this type for people who aim at gathering evidence in case of an accident.

Having a car camera is advantageous. You will find a variety of them but based on this car camera review, you can be sure of quality despite your purpose for the camera. These are just a few of the preferred car cameras on Amazon though. You can feel free to look for more on Amazon.

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