Best air rifles

An air rifle is a gun that uses the force of compressed air. Since the 16th century in Europe, rifles were developed which, instead of using powder, used compressed air (PCP) that were initially used in the hunt. In the mid-twentieth century the PCP reappears, this weapon was improved and the rifles of carbon dioxide (CO2) appeared.

What types of air rifles are there?

 Spring-piston airguns

They are economic weapons and best air rifles because of the low manufacturing costs. They come from different calibers and the operation of these models is simple as these guns use the force of piston’s compressed air to power a pellet. The priston is driven by a apowerful spring or compressed gas during the firing process.

 PCP or pneumatic airguns

They are best air rifles that have a higher speed with a great precision, but it has a very thunderous sound. Although in the recent years has been implemented suppressors to incorporate them, often used in the hunting. Its operation is very similar to the spring piston rifles. The air is pre-compressed under the barrel and released by means of a valve.

Its maintenance is very simple, practically the minimum and it’s all releated to a compressed air cartridge, but when low-quality pellets are use, there can remain traces of lead in the barrel.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) airguns

There are the most expensive form and best air rifles because compressed gas cartridges are used to load the weapon. Their performance can be various. They are even noisier than the PCP, so it is not very useful in hunting practice, but they are very used for the Olympic shot.

The most ordered compressed air rifles

Rifle Gamo Whisper X Vampire:  It is a comfortable and effective weapon, and one of the best air rirfles that has a viewfinder with magnifications plus laser and flashlight for greater precision.

Rifle kite Fenix 400 GP: It has a piston system that gives it more precision and less recoil.

Gamo CFX Royal: Loved for its stability and precision, as one of the best air rifles it has a very nice body, ideal feeling for a fixed shooting.

Rifle of the Storm: It’s one of the best in quality and precision.

In conclusion, a CO2 weapon is not the most suitable for use for hunting but rather for indoor use, the spring rifle is one of use always but it’s not very good in power but a PCP rifle despite its high costs in all is for all occasions.

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