Best Cameras for a Helmet

Being a cyclist or a motorbike rider is thrilling. To be on the safe side, a helmet is always encouraged to protect your head; this among other things like knee pads. In the current years, people have been adapting to use of helmet cameras while riding bicycles or motorcycles. Why is this so important? A camera is not essential for such activities, but people have their reasons. It could be to record breathtaking views, recording stunts or providing evidence in case of an accident. No matter the reasons, let us look at some of the best cameras for a helmet.

A SENDOW Cycling Camera

One thing about this action camera is the WIFI provision. You will not always use WIFI because you are riding. However in case of an occurrence; whether an amazing stunt or an accident, sharing is taken care of. The angle of view is wide enough, almost 180 degrees ensuring you capture more action. The pictures recorded will come in full HD. The reviews on Amazon have given it an average of 5 so I think it’s worth your money.

A Campark Act74 Helmet Camera

One special thing about this Campark is the number of reviews it has on Amazon. To add to that, the average rating has been maintained at 4.5 from almost 3000 customers. It is one of the best cameras a helmet in Amazon. The feature includes WIFI, a 16mp camera and not to forget the focus angle of the camera. The combination is almost the same as the SENDOW, but it’s up to you to decide. My opinion is that Campark is the best among other helmet cameras.

A Geekam Action Camera

The first thing I noticed about this camera is the underwater tolerance feature. I don’t know if your motorbike or bicycle is for swimming but this is advantageous. Waterproof means you can use it under the rain. The average rating is 5 out of five from almost 50 customers. The features include a helmet accessory kit, WIFI and a wide range of picture quality. I think this could work for anybody who does speedy stunts because of the 30fps feature.

A Cooau Helmet Camera

Has been able to maintain a 4.5 rating from over 50 reviews on Amazon. It is not the best-selling for Amazon, but it will do for anybody who owns a sports bike, and can’t wait to record those crazy stunts. Just like the GeeKam, it is waterproof, and the picture quality is ultra HD. The camera comes with a portable bag for your trip or storage. It is one of the best cameras for a helmet.

What we can generally say about helmet cameras is that they are good for recording events. Don’t be so paranoid about using a camera (that is start thinking about accidents), open your mind to all the amazing things you could do with a camera.

Best air rifles

An air rifle is a gun that uses the force of compressed air. Since the 16th century in Europe, rifles were developed which, instead of using powder, used compressed air (PCP) that were initially used in the hunt. In the mid-twentieth century the PCP reappears, this weapon was improved and the rifles of carbon dioxide (CO2) appeared.

What types of air rifles are there?

 Spring-piston airguns

They are economic weapons and the best air rifles because of the low manufacturing costs. They come from different calibers and the operation of these models is simple as these guns use the force of piston’s compressed air to power a pellet. The priston is driven by a  powerful spring or compressed gas during the firing process.

 PCP or pneumatic airguns

They are best air rifles that have a higher speed with a great precision, but it has a very thunderous sound. Although in the recent years has been implemented suppressors to incorporate them, often used in the hunting. Its operation is very similar to the spring piston rifles. The air is pre-compressed under the barrel and released by means of a valve.

Its maintenance is very simple, practically the minimum and it’s all releated to a compressed air cartridge, but when low-quality pellets are use, there can remain traces of lead in the barrel.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) airguns

There are the most expensive form and best air rifles because compressed gas cartridges are used to load the weapon. Their performance can be various. They are even noisier than the PCP, so it is not very useful in hunting practice, but they are very used for the Olympic shot.

The most ordered compressed air rifles

Rifle Gamo Whisper X Vampire:  It is a comfortable and effective weapon, and one of the best air rirfles that has a viewfinder with magnifications plus laser and flashlight for greater precision.

Rifle kite Fenix 400 GP: It has a piston system that gives it more precision and less recoil.

Gamo CFX Royal: Loved for its stability and precision, as one of the best air rifles it has a very nice body, ideal feeling for a fixed shooting.

Rifle of the Storm: It’s one of the best in quality and precision.

In conclusion, a CO2 weapon is not the most suitable for use for hunting but rather for indoor use, the spring rifle is one of use always but it’s not very good in power but a PCP rifle despite its high costs in all is for all occasions.

Why do Americans have so many guns?

In America, there is a weapon for every inhabitant, not because all people are armed, but because some people have an arsenal of weaponry and have many guns. Some statistical data suggests that 30% of adults own weapons, another 11% of adults do not have weapons but live with someone who does. 37% have between 2 – 4 weapons and all of them different caliber while a massive 29% have more than 5 Guns in their possession. If we talk about sex and race the passion is greater among men than among women. In addition, the possession of weapons is highest among white population – 36%, black people 24% and Hispanics 15%.

But what is the main reason for arming?

There may be multiple reasons why do Americans have so many guns. It’s well known that 67% buy it for protection, and the remaining 33% buy them for hunting, recreational shooting, collection and work. Although the number is slightly skewed as even a top air rifle can be considered a gun and many people have them.

It is believed that those who possess them for protection is due to paranoia or fear of being attacked or harmed and without having to defend themselves and their family. This may be because, on the one hand, the North country has been participating for more than 60 years in different wars, Second World War, Vietnam, and recently, Iraq among others. Another reason for this fear is that others are armed much better now so they think they need to defended themselves in some way. Since the events of September 11, 2001, the fear of a terrorist attack is increased, so these are main reasons why do Americans have so many guns.

Arming synonymous with freedom

If you ask yourself – why do Americans have so many guns, you should know that a large part of the Americans associate the weapons with the freedom because they allowed the independence of the United Kingdom. If they had not been armed they would have been almost completely unprotected. The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to be armed, in addition to the Constitution of 44 states. You will even seen patriotic Americans wearing new tactical pants to show their pride.

Finally, another reason why do Americans have so many guns is a large number of shops where people can purchase a weapon in a legal way. You only wait at most 7 days for delivery once a background check has been reviewed from the FBI, also a psych evaluation is not required for buying a weapon.

Car Camera Review

What is a car camera? Also known as a dashcam, a car camera is installed on the windscreen or the back screen of a car to record an event. There is so much that happens, and people provide videos, and you are left asking, why do they always have videos? Well, they are not angels to always be there when something happens. Sometimes a car camera records an unexpected event and the owner comes to realize later. Having a car camera has many advantages. Here, we will do a car camera review and list four best car cameras around.

A Pruveeo Designed Dashcam

Pruveeo has discretion on their mind when they built this camera. This F5 model is designed to blend with the car but give clear videos of events. It comes with a WIFI feature and has been able to gather a rating of 4.5 from almost a thousand reviews. Due to the discretion feature, I think the Pruveeo F5 would work to monitor your car when you are not around. Especially in the parking lot.

A Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera

One interesting fact about the Rexing V1 is the number of customer reviews it has received on Amazon. I mean, 6000+ reviews and an average of 4.5 rating is something, don’t you agree? It is one of the best-selling cameras is Amazon. The reason for this is the picture quality of 1080 pixels and a wide angle view of almost 180o. The price is relatively fair. For a good driving experience, this dashcam would work for you.

A Vantrue Dual Dash Car Camera

From 700 customer reviews, this Vantrue product has gained an average rating of 715. The picture quality offered is amazing not to mention the 310 degrees angle of view this dual cam offers. The Vanture will capture events outside the car (170 degrees) and inside the car (140 degrees) making a total of 310. An additional feature is the night vision the camera has. The price is relatively high compared to the first two.

A Z-Edge S3 Car Camera

Out of 417 reviews, the Z-edge camera has been able to get an average rating of 4.5. unlike most of the car cameras mentioned above, this one comes with a 16GB SD card and can be placed to view both the front and back of the vehicle. One thing the company boasts of is precise recording feature which means everything captured is clear. I would advise this type for people who aim at gathering evidence in case of an accident.

Having a car camera is advantageous. You will find a variety of them but based on this car camera review, you can be sure of quality despite your purpose for the camera. These are just a few of the preferred car cameras on Amazon though. You can feel free to look for more on Amazon.

Smart Phone Camera Reviews

In this world of technology, smartphones have taken over and it is hard to find a person who lacks a smartphone. One outstanding feature about these smartphones is the camera which has replaced the analog cameras. For memory purposes these days, you only need to pose and take a selfie anywhere and you can upload it to the cloud. Having said that, there are companies which are stealing the show by manufacturing phones which have out of this world cameras. I mean, these phones are competing with canon to give the best shots. For our smartphone camera review, let us look at the phones which take wonderful shots.

The iPhone X Camera Phone

Apple has always been in the spotlight for producing camera phones around the world. This is in addition to being a phone of class with excellent performance. iPhone X is the latest invention of apple and it has come with a lot to offer when it comes to taking snaps. As usual, Apple phones come with two rear lenses which enable you to shoot clear photos even when you are zooming. You can also add light or blur to your photos after taking them.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Phone

It is not necessarily a camera phone, but it takes a sensational picture for you. As usual, this smartphone camera review cannot fail to notice the latest Samsung invention. This Samsung has boasted of being able to take photos even in low light settings; very convenient for party goers don’t you think? With an S9, you can take photos even in blurred environments thanks to the additional pair of lenses it possesses.

The Google Pixel Camera Phone (2 XL)

The pixel has overwhelmed the world by the great picture it takes. It emerged the winner after comparisons to its competitor iPhone X which also takes great pictures. The determining point was taking a picture in low lighted places and self-portraits. It has two rear lenses (but are lone) and one selfie lens which has the same effects as the rear lens. You selfies will also look great like normal photos. Another feature is a visual core which aims at processing better HDR+ photos for better images.

The LG V30 Camera Phone

No smartphone camera review is complete without this LG product. The V30 has been praised for shooting wonderful videos thanks to the cine effects. They have also introduced a new format of saving videos, the cine log format. For landscape capture, the LG has set rear dual cameras to provide a wide range of view; amazing isn’t it!


The bottom-line here is that four main companies are competing for the top position. Apple and Google are winning but other companies like Samsung don’t want to be left behind. A company which has not been mentioned above is Sony. The latest Xperia could not beat the four mentioned above in the smartphone camera reviews.

How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera

The benefits that come with outdoor surveillance cameras are tremendous and it would be recommended for every home. It is essential that you select the right positioning of an outdoor security camera to provide maximum security. Before purchasing and installing outdoor security cameras you may need a few tips.

Get the Right Cameras to Meet Your Needs

Think about the purpose you wish to accomplish with the outdoor cameras before making any purchase. There is a variety to choose from and doing your research right will be beneficial. Check the ratings and reviews for every security camera then decide which the best is. The best outdoor security camera is the one that gives you visibility, connectivity and the detection that you require.

Take Into Consideration the Range Of View

Cameras with small ranges of view are recommended for driveways that lead towards a car.  For cameras that have a wider range of view, you can take advantage of the angle by placing them higher off the ground.  Another advantage of placing off the ground that it is not accessible and it cannot be tampered with.

Consider the Drilling Surface before Drilling

Before drilling considers electric wires and plumbing pipes to reduce the damages caused.  Further, consider the material you are drilling into. Confirm if the material is brick, stone or vinyl to avoid damages to your house. Take your time while drilling to ensure you are drilling into an ideal spot.

Location of the Outdoor Security Camera

The ideal placing of an outdoor security camera depends on various reasons.  The best tips are as follows:

1.     Place the Camera High Off the Ground

This will prevent vandalism because they are not easily accessible. High placed cameras also take advantage of a wider range of view in the area.

2.     Keep the Security Camera Sheltered

Shelter reduces the impact that rain has on the quality of the footage.  Shelter the outdoor security camera to protect them from harsh weather conditions

3.     Point away from the light

When installing outdoor security cameras point them away from direct light sources because it blurs images and may destroy the lenses.

4.     Check for an Obstruction Free Location

Place the camera where its view is not obstructed by anything for example tree branches. Obstructions minimize the field of view.

5.     Have the Camera Cables Protected

To hide the cables, install on sides of buildings and ceilings.

6.     Visibility

It is advisable to place the camera where it may be seen by intruders with an aim of deterring them.


The installation process is easy when you plan well.  Proper planning saves time, resources and effort because you will have the tips before any installation. When you have efficiently installed an outdoor security system, you can collect valuable information discreetly. You also have a sense of security and comfort in your homes.